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Scorching North are hot!

Scorching North thermal riding tights – unbelievably warm!

When I get the chance, I like to try out some the items I sell (as it helps to know what you’re talking about), so what can I say about Scorching North….except that I just love, love, love these riding tights!  You probably wouldn’t expect them to be that warm as they are stretchy and light but as you pull them on, the soft  brushed lining is… oh so cosy, and the big pocket on the side of the thigh is the perfect size for your phone.  The silicone seat definitely has ‘stickability’  too!    They also wash well (I don’t tumble dry them) so they are easy to care for.

A great choice of colours too from Scorching North

The Scorching North riding tights are offered in a fabulous variety of colours and designs which are sporty and fun.

Team up with blue HKM jacket and fleece

Team up the Scorching North riding tights with a lightweight royal blue jacket or ‘Anna’ fleece, both from HKM.   Finish off by wrapping  around a scarf that picks up the two main colours.
Looking fabulous!  .

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A casual look in khaki green

Sheldon camouflage riding tights Chiron Lampeter

Fleece top, camouflage riding tights & padded gilet – perfect!

This HKM ‘ANNA’ khaki casual fleece zip top is so soft and easy to wear… and looks great with the Sheldon camouflage riding tights.

Also from HKM, this lightweight padded gilet is another item that you can layer up with in this story, help keep warm without too much bulk.


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Hello from Chiron

PJ Never forgotten

Chiron Equestrian Clothing – how it all began…

First of all, may I say a big hello to you and introduce myself.
I’m Kate, and am never happier than when surrounded by my lovely animals, strong coffee… and chocolate 😉

I’ve spent most of my working life selling clothes, from wedding outfits to winter coats and from knee high boots to sandals.  The experience gained in clothes retail combined with my passion for horses (I have three beautiful cobletts, Freddie, Hattie and Ellie), emboldened me into dipping my toe into a venture that would eventually become Chiron Equestrian Clothing.

I started off by buying a bit of stock and opening  an online shop, and then found that very soon afterwards, the spare room at home was completely filled  up with plastic boxes full of joddies, tops, head collars and hoof picks, so ‘him indoors‘ decided to do something about it before we were completely taken over and forced to live in the toilet!  Then one day he arrived home with an old ex Warburtons bread lorry in the company’s  trademark bright orange colour. He proceeded to do a wonderful job of converting it  into a mobile  shop and we were soon able to move all the stock into the lorry and regain our home.

The ‘Tangerine Machine’ served its purpose well but it wasn’t too long afterwards that the chance of having actual premises came our way – and even though my sensible head was screaming ‘nooooooo you idiot….don’t do it’, my mouth took on a will of its own and said ‘ yes, of course I’ll take it’.  And so that was that.

No 7 Lampeter Business Park

We opened the doors on 1st March 2019, and bit by bit we are slowly building up our stock and now have added pet supplies into the mix.

Oriental cats are my other passion and I have been fortunate to have shared my home with some wonderful, loving  and funny characters over the past 25 years. We have a Siamese cat called Oliver who is super intelligent and has managed to train us really well to do his bidding; a wonderful, handsome, highly opinionated and complicated Peterbald/Oriental boy called Mr Taylor (aka Gizmo) who has plenty to say and who sports the biggest ears and green eyes I’ve ever seen; and our latest addition – the most beautiful Ragdoll girl in the world, Rosie who we have  recently renamed Princess Rosie… because she is!
We also have two rescue ‘outdoor cats’ who were initially employed as mousers, but who instead have perfected the art of snoozing all day long and eating non-mouse related products.

And there we have it, a little bit about me.

Meet the Chiron family!