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Scorching North are hot!

Scorching North thermal riding tights – unbelievably warm!

When I get the chance, I like to try out some the items I sell (as it helps to know what you’re talking about), so what can I say about Scorching North….except that I just love, love, love these riding tights!  You probably wouldn’t expect them to be that warm as they are stretchy and light but as you pull them on, the soft  brushed lining is… oh so cosy, and the big pocket on the side of the thigh is the perfect size for your phone.  The silicone seat definitely has ‘stickability’  too!    They also wash well (I don’t tumble dry them) so they are easy to care for.

A great choice of colours too from Scorching North

The Scorching North riding tights are offered in a fabulous variety of colours and designs which are sporty and fun.

Team up with blue HKM jacket and fleece

Team up the Scorching North riding tights with a lightweight royal blue jacket or ‘Anna’ fleece, both from HKM.   Finish off by wrapping  around a scarf that picks up the two main colours.
Looking fabulous!  .

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It’s a little bit chilly

warm soft scarf at chiron clothing lampeter

Cold Weather Gear at Chiron Equestrian Clothing, Lampeter

So, its been a little bit cold around the edges of late but, at least it was dry so we could venture outside and take photographs of  some of the  coats we have here.   Poor (cold) Sophie bravely offered to peel off her 6 layers and model them for us, and so we left the comparative warmth of the shop and,  with  teeth chattering, she still managed to smile for the camera (brave girl that!)

My own personal favourite things now are thermal socks… (I won’t take my boots off to show you the photos) but I am now completely obsessed with them. Obsessed actually of late with everything thermal –  oh no, no, have I actually reached that age?  Please say you all do the same and that it’s perfectly normal, and that thermal  is the ‘in’ thing haha.

Here are some warm coats teamed up with a lovely scarf

Don’t forget the thermal socks!