Revival Remedy Cream – Flower Remedies from Crystal Herbs


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Handmade with love & care according to the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach 

The five remedies used in Dr Bach’s original ‘emergency rescue’ combination; Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem together with Crab Apple & Pine mixed into a natural cream base, make an excellent ‘emergency’ formula for external application. Beneficial and soothing, it is useful on scars, skin blemishes, pulled muscles etc.

Just like Revival Remedy in liquid form, Revival Remedy Cream is most effective when used often. Apply a small quantity to any area that you want to treat and rub in well at least 4 x a day for best results. Can be used more often if required. Revival Remedy Cream does not replace appropriate medical attention.
For topical use only.   50gr.

Cream base;  Purified water (Ph.Eur), Almond oil (B.P), Emulsifying wax (B.P), Benzyl alcohol, Sodium Benzoate (B.P), Citric acid (Ph.Eur), Potassium sorbate. The base is a Vegan compatible product and not tested on animals.


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