Eqwax Mane and Tail Conditioner


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Eqwax Natural Mane and Tail Conditioner with Coconut, Avocado, Macadamia Oil and natural Fly Repellents, Lemongrass and Neem.

A Natural Mane and Tail Conditioner which has many benefits:

✅ All natural ingredients – silicone-free
✅ Supplied in a plastic-free container
✅ A blend of natural conditioning oils/waxes including beeswax, coconut, avocado & macadamia
✅ Includes lemongrass and neem for a natural fly repellent effect
✅ Detangles and reduces frizz
✅ Strengthens hair and reduces breakages
✅ Leaves manes and tails with a natural shine
✅ Also makes an effective plaiting wax

EqWax Natural Mane and Tail Conditioner can be used on dry manes and tails or after bathing.  Just rub a small blob of conditioner on your fingers and work through the hair, tangles will tease out far more easily and you will be left with a naturally shiny mane or tail.

Economical to use as doesn’t spill or drip like liquid oils and you only need a small amount.


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